Stuart Home Corporation

About Our Company


Stuart Home Corporation has completed 200+ homes that can be found in  some of Austin’s premier neighborhoods including Westlake, West Minster  Glen, The Hills of Lakeway, and Falcon Head. Projects can also be found  in Austin’s older established neighborhoods such as Tarrytown,  Rollingwood, and Northwest Hills.

In 1998, a remodel division was formed and since that time remodeling  has been an increasingly larger part of our overall business.

Although new homes and remodels make up the majority of the business,  Stuart Home Corp has taken on several commercial projects as well.  These include finish out for several doctor’s offices, a community  center, and the renovation of a 100+ year old building in downtown  Austin.

In 2001, Mr. Stuart also began consulting work for local law firms  doing home inspections and cost estimates for insurance company  litigation. These home inspections ranged in nature from slab failures,  faulty construction, fire damage/arson, water intrusion, insurance fraud  and mold remediation.


Stuart Home Corporation has received numerous “best in class” awards  locally and received statewide recognition on 22 occasions.  Additionally, Stuart Home Corporation has been a member of the Texas  Association of Builders since 1996 and has been recognized as one of the  Top 25 Residential Builders yearly since 2000 as reported by the Austin  Business Journal.